by Andy Jones

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released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Andy Jones Osnabrück, Germany

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Track Name: Unspoken
I try to tell myself that it's all in my head
Have I misunderstood you in the things that you've said?
I'm afraid that I'm sending an unwanted advance
I'm just trying to establish if I'm in with a chance
I can't tell your signs apart, so can we go back to the start?

'Cause I wish that I could tell you
That I wonder if you're feeling
The way that I'm feeling
And I'm going round in circles
And my mind's doing hurdles
'Cause I wonder if you've woken
With the same words unspoken
Too timid to risk it all

I try to tell myself that it's all in my mind
Are you trying to be subtle or being cruel to be kind?
I'm getting mixed signals, such a strange overload
And it's so unfamiliar trying to break the code
I need this turbulence to end, so can we start it all again?
Track Name: If You Dare
Tell me how did you get that smile?
And how can I make it stay?
And would it really concern you
if you knew that smile was in my dreams every night?

Teach me that refrain that makes you smile the most
And I won't change it, I won't wear it out but I'll make you smile again...
if you dare to let me

And what is it about that tune
That makes you wanna sing and dance?
And why do your eyes play seduction games
When you know that I am just another hopeless admirer?

Let me be someone you run to
Let me make it all make sense
Will you let me through those words and through that melody somehow
Make you want to dance forever?

Well, it all sounds daunting, I know
And it ain't something I'm gonna ask you again
But as sure as I may be
That the answer is no, gotta give at a go, won't you let me...

If you'd care to let me
I won't change it, I won't wear it out, but I'll make you smile again if you dare to
Let me
Track Name: Give Me a Reason Not to Love You
I won't say life was perfect, but I was doing fine without you
And maybe you don't mean it that way, but you have this way about you

And I can't resist them, all the tremors that you send
It's like an earthquake's raging into my troubled heart
And you're breaking down the walls I've held in place for so long

Give me a reason not to love you
Give me a reason not to lie awake at night
You always leave me wanting more when you know that I've been hurt before
Protect me, 'cause I can't defend myself, give me a reason not to love you

Feels like we've known each other forever, and we've been trying to ignore it
I know there's something there between us, and I wish we could explore it

But if we talked it over, would all the magic disappear?
Would it just be better to keep it for myself
With the knowledge that we could be looking for the same thing?
Track Name: Smile in My Sleep
You're not mine as I wake in the morning and I begin one more day on my own
You're not mine though we laugh through the evening as we're talking for hours on the phone
And it's something I deal with but day at a time I struggle to keep it within
I wish I could tell you my heart's on the line, but I wouldn't know where to begin

You're not mine as I spend the day working or as I'm watching the world passing by
You're not mine as I'm trying to forget you, but I can't get my heart to comply
I can't smile as I'm wishing you'd want me someday, I can't smile 'cause it doesn't feel right
But I can smile in my sleep 'cause you're mine in my dreams, and you're mine for all of the night

And I wish I could hold you, see love in your eyes, but I know that it never can be
'Cause you'll wait for the best - and that's what you deserve - and there's better men out there than me
You're not mine as I hang up that call one more time, you're not mine as I turn out the light
But I can smile in my sleep 'cause you're mine in my dreams, and you're mine for all of the night
Track Name: Forgot to Forget You
I'm sure you've heard it all before
So I'm sorry it's not original
But it's half past two in the morning
And I don't want to be awake

'Cause when I sleep I can replay the way you kissed me
Without it mixing with this force-fed diet of restlessness
And when I open my eyes I have to contemplate
That I forgot to forget you and now it's too late

Well, I don't want to cross no lines
So I'm gonna keep it brief
I've still got you in my head
And I hope that you don't want to leave

'Cause if you do, I'll know that you ain't gonna kiss me,
That it was just that one sweet night
And now I'm miserable when then it felt so great
I forgot to forget you and now it's too late

But if you look at me and kiss me,
You'll put the sun back in my sky
So help me out here, darlin', get me out this state

I forgot to forget you, but I don't wanna forget you
I ain't gonna forget you and now it's too late
Track Name: Her Silent Request
The things that you've just told me
No-one's ever said before
And they'll stay with me forever
And they've made me want you more

Don't know how you're gonna take this
Not sure if you'll want to know
But you still deserve to hear it
And have the choice to stay or go

It isn't something I expected
And it's hit me all too late
That there's something there between us
That I'm too scared to complicate

I'm just happy that I know you
I'm so glad I've had you near
And each time you have to leave me
A single hour becomes a year

But I'm not ready to let go now
And I don't want to say goodbye
Thought I'd make it through without you
Told myself I wouldn't cry

So I'm asking you in silence
In a way you'll never hear
To ask yourself if we could make it
And make this chasm disappear

Don't extend the space between us
Don't take your hand away
Don't say it's time to go now
'Cause I still need you here today

And I'll need you here tomorrow
And every day that follows, too
'Cause the reason I'm still standing
Is the love I have for you
Track Name: His Silent Reply (Run Together)
I know that you've seen things that make you want to run and hide
I know that you've been to places that still haunt your dreams at night
I know that you've heard things that make you wish you couldn't hear
I know that you're scared, but darlin', there ain't nothing wrong with fear
It makes you strong

So don't look at me with eyes that tell me what I want to hear
It doesn't help, 'cause I can't be there
So tell me all the things I know you really want to say
And I'll be there, and we'll run together

That smile that you wear is changing over time to mask your pain
This burden you bear could weigh you down until you're not the same
We cannot compare the battles that we’ve lost and those we’ve won
But if we could share, there’s nothing that we cannot overcome
Together we stand

Divided we fall
Track Name: Do We Have to Feel the Magic Every Time?
So here we are and no matter how we've tried, we've run around like a game of hide-and-seek
We're not short of words, but still our tongues are tied because we couldn't get the courage up to speak

It's like we're waiting for the fireworks but we haven't lit the fuse
Because we're sure of how we're feeling, but we don't know which words to use
So we'll risk leaving with nothing because we're scared of what we'd lose
But it doesn't stop me asking

Do we have to feel the magic every time? Do our hearts always have to skip a beat?
Do we have to feel the magic every time, or is it enough if we don't admit defeat?

Could it be a hopeless expectation, in which we set ourselves up to fall?
Or could it be an overrated complication? Should we slow it down, or should we even try at all?

It's like we're heading off to battle, but we're too scared to take a bruise
Like we're standing at a signpost, but we don't know which way to choose
Like we're trying to solve a mystery, but we're not looking for the clues
But it doesn't stop me asking

So many things I'd like to tell you, but my pride always gets in the way
But I know that we're still worth it, so I'll keep on trying anyway
So here we are. It ain't perfect but it's ours. And we could make it, and till then we'll wear our battle scars
Track Name: Don't Look
She’s looking darker than ever
She’s lost the light in her eye
I thought that I could get closer
But now I think it’s goodbye
Too many misunderstandings
Too many quarrels and games
But as I’m thinking it’s over
She looks me straight in the eye and says

“Don’t look, ‘cause I got something to hide
Don’t look, ‘cause it’s too deep inside of me
And I don’t know if you’ll like it
But if you do, I’ll be waiting for you”

She said “I see you’re uncertain,
I know we’ve been here before
I wasn’t sure that you’d noticed
But I can’t do this no more
I’m filled with such indecision
I don’t know which way to turn
So take the chance that I’ll give you
And run away before both of us burn”

But what she doesn’t remember is love ain’t so easy
And whatever she’s hiding, it’s something she needs
So I say to her “Baby, I ain’t going nowhere
And I’ll still be here when you’ve cured your disease”, but she said

”Don’t look, ‘cause I got something to hide
Don’t look, ‘cause it’s too deep inside of me
And I don’t know if you’ll like it
But if you do, I’ll be waiting for you”

Don’t wait too long, don’t wait too long…
Track Name: Betrayal
As the evening sun is burning, there's a darkness in my heart
And it's all you've left behind
Take a moment and remember all the things you said before
In the midst of all the sweetness was a warning of your flaws
Where you told me that you’d hurt me, but I had to know for sure

As you broke down my defences, I was weakened by your touch
But still I wanted more
But the pleasure of your presence and the feeling of your hand
Left me blind to the betrayal, neither warranted nor planned
And I'm standing here alone, now, rendered lost at your command

And nothing's gonna save me, and nothing's safe from harm
Since you broke in my soul
Can't you see me stand before you as the tears roll in my eyes?
I've lost my faith in hope

It's all forgiven, but it ain't forgotten
And I'm long forsaken
And now I wonder if you've seen all the things that could have been,
Which is why you're running scared

I can't believe it's over, there's no way to win this fight
For I know you're gone forever
And I wonder if you see me as you look back one more time
Still, I know it doesn't matter, it's too hard to say goodbye
But I hope that you'll believe me when I promise you I'll try
Track Name: My Heart, My Head
My heart is empty now
And I don’t know when or how
The excitement went, our affections spent
But my heart is empty now

But my head, it knows it’s right
‘Cause we only seemed to fight
No-one’s right or wrong, we just didn’t get along
So my head, it knows it’s right

But my heart, it feels like stone
From the pain of being alone
I was overcome till my soul went numb
So my heart, it feels like stone

And of this I'm sure, there's no easy cure
For the heart wants what it can't have

But my head reminds me why
It was time to say goodbye
When I can’t comprehend how we reached the end
My head reminds me why

But the head makes plans that the heart can't understand
So the message can't get through

And my heart, it won’t let go
Won’t give in ‘til I let you know
That I'll never tell, but it hurts like hell
And my heart, it won’t let go

Well. I'll wish you well, but it hurts like hell
And my heart, it won’t let go
No, my heart, it won’t let go